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my name is magda and i'm a fiend. - Moriarty and the Sex Fiends

About my name is magda and i'm a fiend.

Previous Entry my name is magda and i'm a fiend. Oct. 17th, 2004 @ 06:07 pm Next Entry
hey guyz, i was thinkin we should like introduce ourselves to each other, to get to know da fan base you know? so i think i'll start us off.. everybody make your own post! lurkers included!

name: magda
age: 18
location: perthy.
occupation: uni student/ pseudo musician
fav band: well derr.
first heard the sex fiends: one drunken night i heard a catchy, distant melody wafting through my house, went to investigate and found a friend playing my guitar. it was so irristable, like hearing how music should be, for the first time... i had to know what it was.
"that," he replied, "was moriarty and the sex fiends."
and my life has never been the same!
fav MATSF song: it's gotta be "dr gail"... i've only ever heard it live but it's postmodern, absurdist approach just really... struck a chord with me. it's deep man, deep.
fav lyric: "she doesn't look like her live journal picture." so profound. and so appropriate.
fav member: that's a tough call! they're all so great and sexy and wow. i dunno. but i guess i did once make a shrine to hannah robot, so i suppose she'd have to be it! she plays those drums like NOBODY'S BUISINESS.
what i think the next ep should be like: well i think it should definitely include dr gail, but then i'm strongly bias. also, i'd love to see a song about camerararararoushek... and perhaps, pereuvians, lamas and such... and then they could call it "embrace the inner pereuvian". i like. very much.
what i predict from the fiends: well, i reckon they'll go big. they'll beat delta goodrem's aria record. they'll play london, new york. they'll sell heaps of stuff, win heaps of stuff, and inspire heaps of ... stuff. or people. they'll revolutionise the face of music. yeah. man, they're gonna be YUGE.

well that's about it from me, please share you're thoughts!!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: the fiends - livejournal fiend
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